Thailand Travel Magic Hiking Chiang Mai

In this adventure, we will be taking a night train up into the mountains of northern Thailand. Join me to hike the Monk’s Trail up Mount Doi Suthep to find an ancient Buddhist temple filled with mythological guardian sculptures and fluttering butterflies. Print and eBook on Amazon.

This upcoming novel chronicles my grueling rehabilitation from a broken leg to running marathons. Pushing beyond limitations to transition from victim to warrior to be the hero who slays the dragon. Curious? Read chapter extracts from Broken to Marathon

Adventure travel eBooks from a philosophical globetrotter. Step into the hiking boots of a curiosity-fueled backpacker to explore Vietnam and cycle across New Zealand. They combine on-the-road images with a running narrative to create a click-through visual storyline.


Torres Del Paine, Argentina
Sunrise at Torres Del Paine, Argentina

A transformative magic of personal empowerment is created when we summon the courage to climb a mountain and discover our true potential. I push my physical limits with new challenges to be rewarded with blissful victory and breathtaking views.  

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Machu Picchu, Peru
Ancient Inca Ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru

Dr. Seuss inspired me to escape the mundane and explore the unknown with a curiosity-fueled enthusiasm. This sense of wanderlust has taken me around the world to seek lost knowledge of ancient civilizations and marvel at unexplainable archeology. 

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South American Magical Places.

Fried chicken feet, Vietnam
Fried Chicken Feet in Vietnam - Photo: Paul Arps

Traveling has the power to change us! When we step outside of our comfort zone, we slowly let go of our paradigm and fears. More than a tourist, the global citizen does not hesitate to accept cultural differences, learn new languages, and try strange food.

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Golden Buddhas, Thailand
Golden Buddhas in Bangkok, Thailand

By embracing the unknown without judgment, we can quiet ego-reactions and keep our awareness in the present moment of now. This mindfulness cultivates a compassion for all people by realizing our similarities are infinitely greater than our differences.

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Able Tasman, New Zealand
Able Tasman Track, New Zealand

I developed this site to inspire you to go explore this big blue marble and discover the transformative magic of personal empowerment. Guiding your wanderlust, there are regional maps of the world that illustrate some Magical Places among the multitude of tourist traps. 

To help you succeed, I created Travel Advice pages divided into:
1) Before You Go: Basics, Documents, and Medical;
2) What To Take: Luggage, Clothing, and Technology;
3) On The Road: Immersion, Philosophy, and Books.

Lighting the path, the Travel Magic eBook series shares my personal experiences and takes you away to exciting locations; joining me to go cycling across New Zealand and backpacking throughout Vietnam.

I sell these adventure stories as digital eBooks exclusively on Amazon.  Click on any book cover image to visit my Amazon Author Page.

Here is a 15-page Book Preview!

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I sell these adventure stories as digital eBooks exclusively on Amazon.  Click on any book cover image to visit my Amazon Author Page.