Broken to Marathon: Adventures Crossing the Street in Bangkok

Before the accident, I was just a carefree globetrotter weaving my way across Asia, pausing in Bangkok for a teaching job until my luck ran out when I was knocked down crossing the street. This book chronicles three years of my life in tropical Thailand, from being hit by a truck to unlocking my true potential for running a marathon, learning that change is inevitable, yet growth is optional. I faced many challenges along the way, from morphine withdrawal to a grueling rehabilitation from a walker to crutches to a cane while perfecting my flip-turn for continuous freestyle lap swimming. With improved mobility, I return to teaching English classes and overcome the need for a cane while battling a corrupt insurance company to cover a second surgery to remove the titanium plates in my leg or choose to never run again! The letter-writing scheme prevailed, and I did a second rehabilitation to walk normally without a cane, progressed to jogging, and then got seduced into a 21km half-marathon. The first attempt was cringe-worthy, but I knew if I dedicated myself to learning the biomechanics of efficient distance running, I could complete my transition from victim to warrior to be the hero who slays the dragon!       

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Vietnam Travel Magic Series

These books illustrate my hiking trips and motorcycle adventures throughout Vietnam to inspire your wanderlust. They combine on-the-road photography with a running narrative to recount the adventure saga in a click-through visual storyline. They offer an insight into my zeal for international backpacking, from accepting exotic cultures and eating new dishes to overnight bus rides and being comfortably lost.

Pro Tip: If you are planning a trip to SE Asia, I highly recommend touring Vietnam by combining overnight buses and day-rental motorcycles. The road traffic can be bat-shit-crazy for long distances, but shorter day tours by motorbike are a rewarding way to see the country. From mountain caves and rocky beaches to crowded markets and bizarre food, Vietnam is an exotic land waiting to be explored.

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New Zealand Travel Magic Series

three book covers: New Zealand Travel Magic Series

These books chronicle my cycling and hiking journey across New Zealand to inspire your desire to travel. They combine on-the-road photography with a running narrative to tell the adventure saga in a click-through visual storyline. They provide an insight into my passion for cycle touring, from pedaling across amazing landscapes to summiting mountain peaks and being comfortably lost.

Pro Tip: If you’ve got more muscle than money, I highly recommend visiting New Zealand by bicycle with camping gear. NZ is amazing for bike-packing as it has quality roads with light traffic, abundance of quality campgrounds, and remarkable scenery with every kilometer. From epic national parks to Maori folklore and Hobbit mythology, NZ is a majestic land waiting to be explored.

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Chain and Bead Jewelry Series

three book covers: Chain & Bead Jewelry Series

I have been blessed with the opportunity to author five educational books that guide the reader step-by-step on a beaded chain jewelry adventure. This informative series starts at the introductory level and slowly builds upon the foundation of knowledge and technique toward creating more elaborate designs. The first, second, and third books use cold-connecting techniques without a hot torch or power tools. Next, the fourth and fifth books step to the next level of silversmithing by adding a simplified soldering technique to create gravity-defying jewelry designs. Although I am no longer making jewelry or teaching classes, the legacy lives on, as these books continues to inspire people to discover the quiet meditative practice of assembling individual jump rings. 

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More Travel Magic

world globe

Lighting The Path

I developed this site to inspire you to go explore this big blue marble and discover the transformative magic of personal empowerment. Guiding your wanderlust, there are regional maps of the world that illustrate some Magical Places among the multitude of tourist traps. 

To help you succeed, I created Travel Advice pages divided into:
1) Before You Go: Basics, Documents, and Medical;
2) What To Take: Luggage, Clothing, and Technology;
3) On The Road: Immersion, Philosophy, and Books.

Lighting the path, the Travel Magic eBook series shares my personal experiences and takes you away to exciting locations; joining me to go cycling across New Zealand and backpacking throughout Vietnam.

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