Magical Places

Discover magical places among the multitude of tourist traps with these regional world maps. From stunning national parks to photogenic capital cities, these locations served as the backdrop for my adventure travel book series. Come find the next destination to inspire your wanderlust!  North AmericaCentral AmericaSouth AmericaNew ZealandSE AsiaMediterranean.

North American Magic

From remarkable national parks and long-distance hiking trails to jazz and bison; North America has untold magical places to discover. 

Central American Magic

From ancient pyramids and yoga retreats to jungle waterfalls and tranquil islands; Central America has infinite magic places to explore.

South American Magic

From Inca temples in the Andes Mountains down to the huge glaciers of Patagonia; South America has has endless magical places to trek. 

New Zealand Magic

From koala bears and hobbits to hot springs and bungee jumping; New Zealand has countless magical places to travel through.

Southeast Asian Magic

From golden temples and exotic markets to elephants and komodo dragons; Southeast Asia has heaps of magical places to wander. 

Mediterranean Magic

From stinky cheeses and dark beer to pharaohs and gladiators; the Mediterranean cultures have have legions of magical places to tour.

More Travel Magic

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Lighting The Path

I developed this site to inspire you to go explore this big blue marble and discover the transformative magic of personal empowerment.

To help you succeed, I created Travel Advice pages divided into:
1) Before You Go: Basics, Documents, and Medical;
2) What To Take: Luggage, Clothing, and Technology;
3) On The Road: Immersion, Philosophy, and Books.

Lighting the path, the Travel Magic eBook series shares my personal experiences and takes you away to exciting locations; joining me to go cycling across New Zealand and backpacking throughout Vietnam.

I sell these adventure stories as digital eBooks exclusively on Amazon.  Click on any book cover image to visit my Amazon Author Page.