author at sunset

Scott David Plumlee

To know thyself is the greatest journey, and I’m the type of guy who climbs a volcano in the dark to watch the sunrise. I have traveled through 50+ countries and taken millions of photos while exploring this big blue marble. Now, I am combining my images and stories into a series of Travel Magic eBooks to inspire your wanderlust. I love my life in beautiful Thailand, working as an English teacher and fulfilling my novelist aspirations.

author & elephant
Befriending a hungry elephant in Laos

Adventure travel has ignited my passion for seeking the unknown with a curiosity-fueled enthusiasm. Globetrotting has taught me so many valuable lessons from developing my intuition to acceptance without judgment. However, the most important was the simplest: appreciation, as being grateful for the smallest details allows the universal abundance to flow. 

author on mountain
Patagonia mountain summit in Argentina
author at volcano
Volcanic crater sunrise in Indonesia
author and monkey
Howler monkey on my shoulder in Bolivia
author holding duck
Catching a duck for good luck in Nicaragua
author at Yosemite
Flipping the bird at Yosemite NP in California
author doing yoga
Revolved lunge pose at Bariloche, Argentina

I adore life and the continuous flowering of my personal potential. Yoga and meditation are daily disciplines that help to strengthen my mind, body and, spirit. They allow me to be the watcher of my thoughts, treat my body as a temple, and know the sincerest meaning of love. By pushing beyond my preconceived boundaries, I am open to accepting life’s challenges.

author's tattoo
Bamboo tattoo on Ko Phi Phi in Thailand
author on beach
Sunset on Gili Air Island, Indonesia
author and students
Awesome students at Krungsri Bank in Bangkok

After five years across four continents, I found a new home in Thailand to follow my calling to inspire others through word and deed. In Bangkok, I stumbled into the creative job of teaching English classes, and found it to be such a rewarding experience. This inspirational employment has improved my grammar tenfold, which has led to publishing the Travel Magic eBook series and fulfilling my novelist aspirations. 

More Travel Magic

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Lighting The Path

I developed this site to inspire you to go explore this big blue marble and discover the transformative magic of personal empowerment. Guiding your wanderlust, there are regional maps of the world that illustrate some Magical Places among the multitude of tourist traps. 

To help you succeed, I created Travel Advice pages divided into:
1) Before You Go: Basics, Documents, and Medical;
2) What To Take: Luggage, Clothing, and Technology;
3) On The Road: Immersion, Philosophy, and Books.

Lighting the path, the Travel Magic eBook series shares my personal experiences and takes you away to exciting locations; joining me to go cycling across New Zealand and backpacking throughout Vietnam.

I sell these adventure stories as digital eBooks exclusively on Amazon.  Click on any book cover image to visit my Amazon Author Page.